The Porsche Design Book One To Outmatch Microsoft Surface Book: Specs, Features & Design

In the world of 2-in-1 devices, Microsoft's Surface Book has often reigned supreme, but this might all change if Porsche's recent reveal is any indication. On Monday during the Mobile World Congress, the company introduced the Design Book One laptop, its own take of the tablet/laptop hybrid equation. And it is going to offer high levels of beauty and power.

As noted by PC World, the Porsche Design Group already has a roster of watches, headphones and other products for its wealthy clientele. But the new Design Book One is the epitome of laptop beauty and class. The 13.3-inch screen is protected by a brushed-aluminum shell and sports chiseled corners as well. At its thickest, it is just 15.9mm, weighs just 1.58 kilograms and features 360-degree hinges. However, the keyboard can also be detached if the user prefers it so.

Computer World adds that the Book One will have about 14 hours of continuous battery life, thanks to its two batteries. The first, which is a 25-watt battery, is found on the tablet itself while the secondary 45-watt battery is found in the keyboard base. Charging time for the entire setup will take about two hours.

The Porsche Design Book One is powered by an Intel Core i7-7500 processor, 16GB of Ram and a 512GB SSD. The screen has a pixel resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels, has a 5-megapixel front camera and an infrared camera. It also features two USB 3.0 ports and two USB Type-C ports that support Thunderbolt 3. The unit also fitted with dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1. It will also be compatible with the Wacom pen.

It was announced at the MWC 2017 that the Porsche Design Book One will retail for about US$2,495. It is expected to start shipment in April and will be available in 17 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Aram Emirates, Hong Kong and several Western European countries.

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