Kanye West To Launch His Own Cosmetic Line, Kylie Jenner Better Watch Out

It seems to be that Kanye West has finally recovered from his health issues. The Multi-Grammy Award Winner was reported to have filed some legal documents about him having another business and Kylie Jenner will not be happy about this.

Kanye West: The Genius From Chi-Town

Although he is often described as an arrogant, boastful buffon, Kanye West is actually a genius. Before he started spitting some bars, he was already making his presence felt in the studios. Kanye West is a record producer, a songwriter and once in a lifetime rapper. A few years ago, he tried venturing into a business which he was not familiar with. However, with the help of some A-list friends and his willingness to learn, he became one of the most successful fashion designer. Now, he is trying to enter another business that Kylie Jenner is famous for.

TMZ has reported hours ago that Kanye West already made a move in pursuing another line of business which is cosmetics. Everything turns out great and the only thing that is missing is his products. Kanye West is not afraid of taking any risk. This is the very reason why he is enjoying the life he has right now. His cosmetics will be named as Donda which is a tribute to her beloved mom who passed away last 2007.

Kylie And Kanye Will Have Their Battles Soon

So what about Kylie Jenner? Right now, Kylie Jenner and the Kylie cosmetics is doing great when it comes to sales. There is no direct competition for Kylie as of the moment but there will be a time that Kylie and Kanye will cross paths. If this will happen, the cosmetics world will not be enough for these two titans. Kanye is known for not backing down against anybody and so is Kylie Jenner.

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