Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft's Netflix-Like Subscription Service For Just $10

Microsoft has announced the new "Xbox Game Pass." It is a service from the company that offers unlimited access to hundreds of great Xbox One and Xbox 360 game titles. Recent reports claimed that Xbox One is way more behind the Sony PlayStation 4's sales and consumer mindshare. Which is why the new Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is exactly the kind of thing the console really needs.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Service

The most awaited Xbox Game Pass will be launched later this spring. According to Gizmodo, the monthly Xbox Game Pass subscription will be $10 and it will give all the subscribers unlimited access to over a hundred Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Service is just like Spotify or Netflix, but this time, it's for the Xbox One. However, this new service will only be available on Xbox One and not on PC.

As of now, Microsoft hasn’t released a complete title list of games that will be available in the service. Fortunately, the teaser on its website shows that Payday 2, Halo 5, NBA 2K16, Soul Caliber II, Fable III, Saint’s Row IV, Lego Batman, Mad Max and others will soon be available. Microsoft says that the team will add more titles to the service each month. In addition to that, even if you are not an Xbox Love Gold member, you can buy a game after your trial play with a 20 percent discount.

Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation Now vs EA Access

PlayStation Now is Sony's own subscription service. It differs from the new Xbox Game Pass in two ways. First, the PlayStation Now service is just for PS3 games. While in Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft will include Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 titles. Second, Sony's PlayStation Now only streams game titles, whereas, in Xbox Game Pass, you can actually download the full game title.

According to GameSpot, EA also offers a similar service which is called EA Access. It allows subscribers to play a selection of titles on Xbox One and PC for free. They are also often given access to new game releases earlier than its release date. Just like the Mass Effect: Andromeda, subscribers will be able to play 10 hours of the game on March 16. However, the full game launches on March 21.


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