GDC 2017: Oculus Unveils New Game Titles Coming This Year, Check It Out Here

Back when the gaming industry was at its infancy, a small gathering of developers took place in a little room to discuss and share all the progress and innovation surrounding the industry. 30 years later, that small gathering of developers became a gathering of more than 27,000 people related to the gaming industry, and it is now officially called The Game Developers Conference or GDC. Although the volume of the attendees might have drastically changed, their goal still remains the same, to exchange and share ideas to improve the gaming industry.

Oculus At GDC 2017

According to Upload, Oculus, the company behind the Oculus Rift and Gear VR, said that 2017 will be a year that's all about content for their devices. And during the GDC 2017, Oculus came through with their promise and has revealed a multitude of games that would satisfy players and fans, as each game is set to bring a new and exciting experience. The games revealed are Augmented Empire, Blade & Soul: Table Arena, Brass Tactics, From Other Suns, Mage's Tale, and Term1nal.

Details About All The Revealed Games

In an article by Oculus, the company would go on to provide some information about the recently revealed games. For instance, "Blade & Soul: Table Arena" is a Card Collectible Game that is mixed with a little Real Time Strategy. It involves the use of the player's hands to summon characters in a battle for supremacy. In this game however, the key to success is for the player to strategize, so they would need to utilize their resources wisely.

"Brass Tactics" on the other hand, is a multiplayer game that focuses on making the player use armies to destroy their opponents or to join another player in co-op as they both use Oculus Touch to control their creations and their armies.

Meanwhile, "Augmented Empire" is a tactical RPG that is inspired by XCOM and Mass Effect 2. The game is set in a Neo-noir dystopian society where the rich live in luxury while the poor suffer in poverty. In the game, players would take control of a squad of bio-electronically enhanced humans to lead a revolution.

Furthermore, "Term1nal" is a third person stealth and a first person puzzle solving game. It is where players take on the role of a hacker that is tasked to infiltrate a hi-tech facility and to uncover their dark secrets by controlling robots.

The "Mage's Tale" however, is somewhat different from the other games, as it's an RPG and a dungeon crawler, meaning that the player is in a labyrinth like environment where they will battle all the enemies inside and would loot any treasure found. Lastly, "From Other Suns" is a multiplayer shooter game set in space, where the player needs to make a team of four members to either fight extra-terrestrial threats or to explore the galaxy instead.

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