Overwatch News: New Custom Game Browser Now Available

It seems that Blizzard is busy updating Overwatch with different features. Before a new hero will arrive, the players are given the opportunity to custom games and share it in a new browser. Fortunately, the browser are available for all platforms.

Time To Enjoy Overwatch's Game Browser

If the players are in for creating games, then the recently added update in Overwatch is what they need. The Game Browser will give them the opportunity to change their gameplay experience. There are certain features that they can add in their customized games.

According to Express, the players can change the rules in Overwatch and they can accommodate more players to join in a single match. They can also add their personal touches with different sliders, movement speed, health, damage and abilities.

In addition, the players can change the rules of the weekly brawls in Overwatch. They can make it harder for the other players or make it easier to suit their abilities and skills. It seems that the Game Browser can either be a good or a bad thing.

Other Exciting Details About The Game Browser

The players can experiment with Capture the Flag mode in Overwatch with the help of the Game Browser. As per Polygon, there are new maps added in the game mode that will challenge the other players since there will be more places where they can hide the flag.

If the players are proud with what they have done, then they can share it with other players who are looking for a new game to play. The Game Browser will feature a Find a Game tab that will let them search for available game modes they need.

Hopefully, players will be able to enjoy the Game Browser in Overwatch. The feature will give them the opportunity to try something new if they are getting tired of the usual game they love. It is a good thing that Blizzard released the browser that will make the waiting for new hero bearable.

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