Fire Emblem Heroes: Here Are The Two Best Pulls From Sibling Bonds

One of the latest updates of Fire Emblem Heroes brought about the Sibling Bonds, which added six new heroes into the game. Since all of which can be intimidating at first, there are actually some of which that are deemed to be weaker than the other. In order to provide glimpse on which are the best heroes from the six, here is a list of the two best pulls from Sibling Bonds:

Best Heroes From Sibling Bonds: Klein

Klein is a Colorless Bow Infantry that is very deadly against flying units due to the hero having Brave Bow+. Moreover, as analyzed by this thread from the Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit, Klein can execute medium to low defense unit using his charge 4 special which basically transforms 80 percent of his RES into raw damage - which when added to Brave Bow+ and his ability Deathblow, can finish off most Mages and squishy targets.

Klein is currently popular especially when fighting against Flying Units and Mages due to how strong his counterattack thanks to Quick Reposte. The only downside about the hero is that, while he is great in countering mages, he takes precedence from the respective units, which means that he takes damage before he appreciably counters those units. This means that while Quick Reposte is devastating against enemies like Mages, taking damage will eventually prevent the hero from using this ability in later matches (if no dedicated healer is within the party).

Best Heroes From Sibling Bonds: Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a Blue Tome Infantry that excels at demolishing enemies with his considerable high Attack (currently sitting at 41). With proper team composition, Reinhardt can easily dominate an initiation thanks to the hero's passive ability, Vantage. Basically, once he attacks while at >75 percent HP, he'll attack first which takes advantage to the hero's high ATK but significantly low HP. His second ability can be swapped for Goad Cavalry, which provides +4 ATK and SPD to all Cavalry within two spaces when they enter combat. Nintendo revealed that this buff affects Reinhardt as well.

While Reinhardt excels in ATK stats, he has a major drawback, however, as the hero has one of the lowest BST in the game. This downside makes Reinhardt situational in most cases but with proper composition and setup, Reinhardt is the best heroes out of the six new ones introduced in the Sibling Bonds.

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