Battlefield 1 DLC Update: They Shall Not Pass Arriving This March 14

The long wait is over for the Battlefield 1 community as the most-anticipated first of four expansion packs of the World War 1 shooter from DICE finally arrives. Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC features four new French-themed maps. These maps are called the Fort Vaux, Rupture, Soissons and Verdun Heights. Furthermore, it also brings French army to the game.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the exact release date of this upcoming Battlefield 1 expansion pack was not specified by DICE previously despite constantly revealing its content. However, based on an image surfacing across the internet, fans can get their hands and experience the first of four Battlefield 1 DLC on March 14. This date will be for the players who owns a Premium Pass. Meanwhile, players who unable to get their hands on the said date will receive the expansion pack two weeks later on March 28.

For those who missed out on the details regarding what the new DLC could bring, here is a quick recap. They Shall Not Pass DLC includes new player faction known as the French Army, a new behemoth called the Char 2C, which helps players turn things around during battle.

Meanwhile, the upcoming expansion pack also includes a new game mode, which is called Frontlines. As previously reported, it is a combination of both Rush and Conquest where both teams clashes over a neutral control point and quickly risks into a tug-of-war combat over a series of control points.

A new elite class will also be introduced. It is known as the Trench Raider, which is armed with a club melee weapon as well as a great stash of grenades that quickly eliminates the enemies. Also, as mentioned earlier, the DLC also brings a new vehicle called the St. Chamond and five new weapons; the Ribeyrolles and Sjögren Inertia for Assault class, RSC M1917 for Medic, Lebel Model 1886 for Scout and Chauchat for Support.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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