Top Pokemon Attackers In Pokemon GO Revealed

Many thought Pokemon GO would never get back to its feet and shake the industry again. Well, apparently, this was changed soon after Niantic introduced the second generation of creatures. It's commonly known as Gen 2, which somehow brought significant changes to titular mobile game app. Apparently, the known attackers in the game have been changed. That's because with the new generation, news ones have replaced them.

According to Otakukart, the first one on the sport is no other than Alakazam in Pokemon GO. With its movesets Confusion and Future Sight, this creature is indeed a lethal being in the battlefield. This Pokemon is said to remain the best attacker in the game unless newer generations will be introduced in the future. But of course, as what the studio did to Gen 2, this is going to take a good amount of time really.

Following Alakazam in Pokemon GO is the highly favorite Dragonite, which still remained a top seeder in the list. It's worth noting that this creature has long been considered as one of the go-to Pokemon in battles. Thanks to its incredible amount of combat power, no wonder most players will resort to using it every now and then.

Next on the list are Espeon and Flareon in Pokemon GO. Obviously, these creatures are among Eevee's remarkable evolutions in the game. They don't just appear in beauty, but they also have the prowess to defeat tons of pocket monsters. Espeon, in particular, has a moveset of both Confusion and Future Sight. Flareon, on the other hand, offers both Overheat and Fire Spin.

With the way Niantic is bringing Pokemon GO to the top, it's likely to hold its title for the years to come. Heck, as noted by VentureBeat, these unique changes in the game were all due to the lessons the studio acquired overtime. Players could just hope that the video game company can find a way to keep the momentum going. In one way or another, though, the game still needs more improvements and enhancements. And of course, the community is fully aware of this.

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