Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide Evolving Eevee To Leafeon, Sylveon And Glaceon

Pokemon Sun and Moon offer a good range of creatures. Heck, these even have a set of Legendary Pokemon that fans would really love to own. But among these monsters, there's one that always comes on top. Well, it's no other than Eevee. This one here is so popular thanks to its ability to evolve into various characters. Hence no wonder players want to capture and evolve it.

According to TechTimes, the beauty of Eevee in Pokemon Sun and Moon is it allows players to experience the thrill of evolving various Pokemon. It's worth noting that it can turn into elements such as ice (Glaceon) and lightning (Jolteon), among others. Some of its other forms include the likes of Leafeon and Sylveon. For anyone who wants to master this creature, here's a quick guide to its respective evolutions.


In order for Pokemon Sun and Moon players to evolve Eevee into Sylveon, the creature needs to learn a certain Fairy type move. Once done, they can easily proceed to the so-called Pokemon Refresh tab. The latter can be found under the Menu. From there, they have to get at least two hearts -- something that can be done through petting the creature and/or feeding it with a certain amount of Poke Beans. This evolution requires a bit of patience, as players need to battle Eevee in order to acquire it.


Leafeon is deemed as Eevee's grass-type evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It can be achieved simply by letting it party with the Lush Jungle, one that's adjacent to the location called Route 8. Players, after which, will have to look for a big rock which has the message that says, "The surface is covered with moss. It feels so soft to touch." Here, players will just have to keep Eevee fighting and wait for it to turn into Leafeon.

It's worth noting that the said Pokemon Sun and Moon creature was first introduced via Generation IV. It's famous for being a mammal-looking species, covered with leaf-like ears and tails. According to some Pokemon enthusiast, this monster isn't fond of going into battles. Why? Well, that's because it deems itself as a pacifist of sort.


As explained by iSportsTimes, in order for Pokemon Sun and Moon players to acquire Glaceon, they need to undergo the same steps with Leafeon's. The only catch, however, is the additional requirement -- that is owning an icy rock from the Pokemon League. After this is prepared, they can go straight to turning Eevee into Glaceon. That's it -- that's how easy it actually is.

In related Pokemon Sun and Moon news, the anime counterpart of the games has featured Ash's newest body. This can be seen in the newest episode in which the protagonist is trying to make friend with Rockruff. It starts when the creature came home injured, which was actually due to an underground Pokemon battle. Instead of discouraging the act of the monster, Ash helped it trained. Eventually, the two became friends. In hopes to keep the new-found friendship alive, the Pokemon decides to go with Ash on his journey.

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