‘Arrow’ Season 5 Updates, Spoilers: Dark Side Of Felicity Unveiled? Oliver And Felicity To Become Lovers Again?

Fans of "Arrow" season 5 have already seen the other side of Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). Now the upcoming episodes will take them to the darker side of her character. However, her downward slide might benefit her in the end. It is possible that her romance with Oliver (Stephen Amell) will be rekindled.

Oliver Might Be Forced Out Of His Office As Mayor

Meanwhile, despite all his efforts, Oliver failed to cover-up Green Arrow's involvement in the death of Billy Malone (Tyler Ritter). The next episode of "Arrow" season 5 may see him forced out of his office as City Mayor. With Oliver being harassed by Vigilante, it may be up to the team led by Diggle (David Ramsey) to defeat this villain.

Felicity Continues To Explore Her Darker Side

Felicity, on the other hand, will continue her downward path using her old hacking tricks. She has been the tech genius of Team Arrow using her skills that she acquired back in her hacktivist days. Now, with fresh vigor, she will use her hacking skills and talents in cooperation with a secret organization.

She Can Be Devious In Doing What She Wants

The previous episodes of "Arrow" season 5 revealed how devious she can be. She has no qualms in using underhanded tactics in order to accomplish her purpose. Whether it is for overcoming a villain or saving the life of her friends, she will resort to such tactics to do what needs to be done.

Showrunners Are Planning To Make Her Story Arc

In this vein, fans should expect to see more of this darker side of Felicity in the upcoming episode of "Arrow" season 5. This period in her life could even be compared with that of Oliver's when he was on the island. Showrunner Wendy Mericle confided that they are planning to make a story arc for Felicity similar to that of Oliver before he decided to become the Green Arrow.

But This Could Lead Her Closer To Oliver

According to Mericle, Felicity's downward path will result in a deeper bond between her and Oliver. She said that she will be able to understand Oliver better than before. Amell even hinted that his character and Felicity may be brought back together romantically through her experience.

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