'Dragon Ball Super:' What Will Happen At The End Of The Universe Survival Arc?

Due to one of Goku's careless whims, he and his comrades were pitted in a battle against the strongest fighters from each universe with the survival of their universe in the line. However, what will all the losing universes really be destroyed after the tournament? Here are some theories on how "Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival Arc will end.

Previously, it was revealed that the losing universes from the tournament will be destroyed except from Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12 and the Angels from all the universes because they are particularly strong. This is a good way for Zeno-sama to eliminate the weaker universes. He has long believed that there are too many universes and wanted to erase the weaker universes anyway.

This week's episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the climax of the match between Universe 7 and Universe 9 -- Son Goku is finally heading to battle! The first match featured Majin Buu's victory over Basil the Kicker, however, the second match between Gohan and Lavender resulted to a draw so Goku cannot afford to lose his fight against Bergamo.

Will the losing universes really be destroyed after the Universe Survival Saga? Some fans don't believe so. There are two theories on how the losing universes might survive even after the tournament. It is almost certain that Universe 7 is going to win. However, a report revealed that Zeno might not destroy the universes after some persuasion from Goku.

Another possible scenario is, after winning the tournament, Goku might wish to restore all the universes after they are destroyed by Zeno. The prize for the tournament is none other than the Super Dragon Balls which can summon Super Sheron. Goku might ask the gigantic golden dragon to restore everything Zeno destroyed. Goku's match against Bergamo in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81 will air on Sunday, March 5.

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