Procedural AI, Never-Before-Seen Features Coming To Final Fantasy XV?

There have been lots of talks going on within the Final Fantasy XV community. Most players are wondering what sort of things Square Enix will introduce. Or perhaps, new features and/or contents will arrive soon. Well, as what the developer of the game said during an event, the game is shaping to receive tons of exciting features. Or maybe, this is what they have in mind. Nonetheless, the promised stuff are just so overwhelming.

According to USGamer, the Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata revealed his plans for the game during its conference in this year's GDC. The latter in short is called Game Developer's Conference in which the said director talked about another title called Final Fantasy: A Challenger Once Again. But apart from these, he also discussed about the future of the titular title from Square Enix.

The aforementioned Final Fantasy XV director apparently revealed the studio's plans for the game. One of the things they're working on is a procedural AI as well as destructible environments. All of these were showed in a video of short, which the studio presented during the end of the panel interview.

The video also featured Noctis being knocked on a pillar by a massive beast in a setting similar to one in Final Fantasy XV. Tabata noted that the beast has the ability to analyze the player's pattern as well as battle - all accordingly. This is to ensure that a more varied strategy will be made by the player. This, in one way or another, is the heart of the procedural AI.

In an interview with Polygon, Tabata also discussed about a new multiplayer feature for Final Fantasy XV. He didn't reveal anything about it though during their conference in the GDC 2017. It's being known that this multiplayer won't necessarily be any MMO variety (the ones that are similar with the past). Instead, it will be more of an avatar creation of sort, allowing players to share their world with other players. Obviously, as how he describes it, it will bring a new fold to the game as well as the whole community.

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