Apple Brings Carrier Billing Support To Singapore, Italy And Austria

Apple has been expanding its payment services to more countries month after month. It wasn't too long ago when Apple Pay added more banks to its list of supported financial institutions. Now, the company is bringing its carrier billing support to three additional countries.

What Is Apple's Carrier Billing Service?

Apple's carrier billing service would allow people to charge their in-app purchases to their mobile phone bills. This means that those users whose carriers support this Apple service can buy things from the iTunes, App Store, iBooks and even Apple Music just add the charges on top of their monthly bills. Normally, people have to use credit cards for mobile purchases. However, with this service, linking a card to the Apple device is no longer necessary.

More Countries Get Carrier Billing Support

As per Mac Rumors, the most recent addition to the Apple service's supported countries include Austria, Italy, and Singapore. However, the said billing support is only limited to one carrier per country. Austria's Drei, Italy's Three and Singapore's M1 Limited will all offer the Apple service. There's still no clarity as to whether or not other carriers will offer carrier billing as well.

Why Canada, U.S, And U.K Don't Have Carrier Billing

Canada, U.S, and the U.K may be three of the biggest Apple users worldwide. However, these countries don't offer the carrier billing service for a reason. As per Apple Insider, these three countries may see a low demand for carrier billing as this service is only necessary for places where credit cards have remained unpopular to the masses.

Countries With Carrier Billing Support

With the three countries added, Apple's carrier billing feature is now offered in 12 countries. This includes Germany, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan And Taiwan. The first country to adopt the feature is Germany who got the service in October of 2015. Russia came in next, just two months after Germany did. The rest of the countries were added beginning last August starting with Taiwan and Switzerland.

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