Should Trading Feature Really Be Part Of Pokemon GO?

It's true that Niantic has been on the roll, updating Pokemon GO with new stuff. Heck, this was even the primary reason why the game skyrocketed to such great heights. Apparently though, the entire community is aware of some new features introduced. One of this is the Trading System. The question is should it be part of the game? If so, what possible limitations could have occurred?

According to GameSpot, the developer of the aforementioned game, Niantic, has released an update. It refers to the highly anticipated trading system. However, there are a couple of things that players will have to take into consideration first. One is the fact that the feature won't require any sort of internet connection.

What every Pokemon GO players need to remember is that the Trading System can only be done by being near physically to the creatures. Only by doing so can they be worked on. Add to this the fact that no sort of distance has been revealed. Besides, the said system is yet be on its maximum capacity. Hence, will players will have to wait just a little longer.

If a player tries to trade from another player a distance of 100 miles, the system won't work. That's because the player needs to be within the trader's orbit. So far, this among the ones mentioned above are part of the limitations of the game. The primary goal for the system is to basically bring players all together. After all, this has been the theme of the title last year.

For now, Niantic is set to perfect this feature before revealing or unleashing it officially to Pokemon GO. The studio recognizes the possibility of killing the game if, and only if, they fail to deliver this, as noted by Forbes. However, as reported by Forbes, based on the information, this will still mean the death of the game. One possible factor is the dramatic changes the game may offer. Let alone the likelihood of the sense of achievement getting out of hand.

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