No Man’s Sky Wins Award At GDC With The Developers Absent From The Ceremony

Following the Game Developer's Conference, No Man's Sky  received an award for Innovation during the event. However, not even one representative from Hello Games was there to claim what they had won.

No Man's Sky Wins Award For Innovation

According to Polygon, the developers of the space exploration video game finally made their first public appearance at the GDC following the title's initial release. During the awards ceremony, their game won an award for being the most innovative title. However, due to a surprising turn of events, nobody from the team was there to claim the award from host Tim Schafer.

He even called out the team several times before it dawned on him that nobody would be taking the green robot trophy. Because of this, the host had accepted the award on behalf of Hello Games. On the other hand, the team was actually busy having their dinner at the time and did not bother attending the ceremony as they personally believed they would not win.

Hello Games Clears Up The Issue

To clear up the issue, Hello Games code lead, Innes McKendrick, tweeted an explanation to why no one took the trophy. However, the team made their way to the festivities shortly afterward but it seemed like they were too late to make up for their absence. In line with this, the code lead admitted that their lack of presence during the awards was quite embarrassing.

Similarly, Hello Games' Sean Murray believed that the organizers would have let the team know if they were going to win an award that night. While there might have been plenty of criticism thrown at the game, it seems like the voters took into consideration the technology behind the release, as per Game Rant. The space exploration title contains a vast galaxy with various creatures and planets that players can explore.

In spite of this, the game seemed to rely a bit too much on a certain formula and pattern that made exploring a bit repetitive. Even so, the developers still seem to be working hard on expanding the game and might be bringing in more content. Those who want to play No Man's Sky can buy it for the PC and PS4.

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