Final Fantasy XV Update: Square Enix Hints Again At An Improved PC Port

Square Enix recently attended this year's Game Developer's Conference (GDC) where they might have dropped yet another clue hinting at a potential PC port for Final Fantasy XV. On the other hand, the latest installment was actually the breaking point for the series.

Final Fantasy XV PC Port Coming Soon?

According to Niche Gamer, game director Hajime Tabata might have already indirectly confirmed at GDC that the game is getting an official PC port. At the event, he mentioned some sort of "technical experiment" that they have conducted with Nvidia, which made use of the Luminous Studio engine and the GTX 1080i graphics card. In line with this, Tabata used the latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise to show off some improved features like better AI, procedural generation and environmental destruction.

Fittingly enough, someone asked the director if this meant that the game is finally getting a PC port soon. In response to this, Tabata merely replied with a smile along with the words, "No comment." Furthermore, he replied that the purpose of the demonstration was merely for "tech tests."

The game director has yet to officially confirm that the game is making its way to the PC, but he has constantly shared his ideas for a port. Tabata already stated that he and the team want to show fans a build of the game running on high-end PCs. Moreover, the director also seems open to the idea of bringing mods to the game.

The Future Of The Final Fantasy Franchise

That aside, the game director revealed that the latest Final Fantasy game was actually the determined future of the franchise, as per The Verge. He explained that this project was their last chance and if they did not finish it in time, it would be the end of the series. In comparison to his previous projects like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Type-0, he described that working on the latest game was like "climbing a mountain" as it was a major challenge.

He claimed that setting clear and high goals, relying on teamwork and recruiting talented developers was what shaped the game. The hardest thing they had to endure was not the development period but the broken street date along with the spoilers that came with it. Despite this, they were still able to deliver Final Fantasy XV and for that, along with the other hardships, Tabata believes that he and his team are fighters.

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