Apple Watch Gains Traction, Sees Success As FitBit Flounders

There has been some negative speculation in the world of smartwatch technology in that the wearable has not been taken on with the public as initially hoped. But while companies such as Fitbit have been suffering a decline in sales, the Apple Watch has actually been doing well in the market. The Cupertino-based tech company has experienced its largest quarter growth.

According to Apple Insider, the tech giant shipped some 4.6 million Watches in its last reported quarter. The number itself is impressive, but it becomes more so considering that it is 4.1 million more than what was shipped the year before. Apple has not publicly announced the numbers itself, as the report came from some IDC data. However, the company has confirmed that it set new records in both units sold and in revenue.

The increase in sales, as the publication continued, is largely due to the lower entry price of the Series 2. However, there have also been improvements made to the user interface, which also helped the appeal of the wearable. Apple is one of the quickest companies in terms of refocusing its smartwatch products to cater to the preferences of its consumer base.

The Apple Watch Series 2 took a more sporty turn compared to its predecessor. The company added a GPS feature and complete waterproofing, which are items usually reserved for the highest tier items in the smartwatch industry. A Nike+ edition was also released, which fitted the wearable with a unique Sports Bands and some preloaded software. Meanwhile, the price of the Series 1 was cut down to US$269.

As noted by MacRumors, Apple is still behind market leaders Fitbit and Xiaomi. However, unlike its competitors that experienced an overall decline, the Cupertino tech giant had its best quarter in the history of its wearable products. If the trend continues, the company might just be the new leader in smartwatches.

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