Duggar Family Updates: Jim Bob And Michelle Pressure Jana To Start Relationship; Joy-Anna Getting Married?

The relationships of the Duggar family's children are being speculated fans. There is a new rumor headlining Jana who is reportedly still single. Talks have it that the Duggar parents are pushing their eldest daughter to already enter a relationship. Joy-Anna, on the other hand, is being rumored to be getting married very soon.

Jana Duggar is already 27 but is still very much available for relationships. Although she is the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, she has not yet announced or even hinted on possible courtship which makes fans come up with different theories. Some fans believe that Jana is tied in an obligation to help bring up her younger siblings. However, some others believe that the Duggar parents are already "advertising" the availability of their daughter to a romance.

The official social media page of the Duggar family has reportedly been featuring Jana which sparked countless rumors that she is already courting. A photo from the Valentine's Day celebration of the Duggars saw Jana fixing a bouquet of flowers which had the fans questioning whom it was from. The reality stars though said that the flowers were intended for the family's party and not what the fans were expecting.

It was then revealed that Jana remains to be single and possibilities for any courtship have not been hinted. Reports, though, note that the family has gotten positive reviews from posting Jana's photos on social media, and will continue to post more updates about the eldest Duggar daughter.

Meanwhile, the younger daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, Joy-Anna is believed to be getting married this year. Rumors are rampant that the Duggars might have teased the 19-year-old lady's wedding. Talks started when Austin Forsyth proposed to Joy-Anna to enter a courtship.

In the latest episode of "Counting On," fans witnessed how the young couple entered courtship when Austin asked his long-time friend to take their friendship to the next level. It was also seen how Austin mustered enough courage to ask permission from Jim Bob for him to court Joy-Anna. The Duggar patriarch then gave Austin his blessing when the two got into a serious talk about what the 22-year-old saw in Joy.

"Austin I think is ready and I think Joy's really ready," he observed. "They're both very mature and I think they make a good match," Jim Bob comments. After agreeing to enter into a courtship relationship, Joy-Anna and Austin hinted on their desire to get married soon but did not say that they will enter a sacred union anytime soon.

Another supposed hint on the two's immediate wedding is the much talked about a clip featuring Austin asking Jim Bob's permission, this time to propose an engagement to Joy-Anna. The new season of "Counting On" in summer which was also announced with the "Duggar Wedding #5" is said to be featuring the wedding of the young couple. Dates have not been announced, but fans believe that the union might happen as early as April as it marks Joy-Anna and Austin's courtship's fifth-month mark.

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