‘Logan' Spoiler Alert: Wolverine Killed By His Own Clone?

Hugh Jackman who plays the role of Logan or Wolverine stated before that this will be his last film doing the character. His latest movie titled “Logan” didn’t only break box office numbers but a few hearts as well.

Logan Is No Longer The Old Wolverine

James Howlett was better known as “Logan” is arguably the greatest mutant ever created. He is the perfect fighting machine as stated by William Stryker. Logan has the uncanny ability to heal or regenerate his body. In other words, he is somehow indestructible. He has an animalistic sense and adept in hand to hand combat. Logan’s famous battle is against his “brothers” specifically Sabretooth who has somehow the same skill like him.

“Logan” the movie showed an entailing story of the irreplaceable Wolverine. For those who haven’t watch the movie yet but wants some major spoilers, here’s what had happened. Logan is trying to save Professor X and the last of their descendants by the name of Laura. Logan tried his very best to stay out of trouble with Laura but they keep on teasing him. Soon enough when their enemies made their first move, Logan made it a point to wage war against them. To his surprise, Laura or X-23 is as vicious as him in fighting.

X-24 Killed Logan

The only problem is, Logan is not the same Wolverine that the fans are accustomed to see. Yes, he did age gracefully but the adamantium in his body is slowly decapitating and poisoning him. Dr. Rice then made a unique plan to kill Logan. He developed a full grown clown of Logan and he named it as X-24. Although it is tagged as a clone, X-24 is a lot stronger. He is fresher than Logan and Logan is becoming fragile as days past by. In a stunning turn of event, X-24 killed Logan which made the fans screamed and cried. Apparently, even with his amazing regenerating power, Logan is still, bound to die.

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