Premium Google Pixel 2 Confirmed For Release This Year

The upcoming Google Pixel 2 will stay premium, just like its predecessors, the Pixel and Pixel XL. Also, the said high-end smartphone is definitely coming this year.

The Pixel 2 Will Be A Premium Smartphone

According to an article at Droid-Life, Google Senior VP of hardware, Rick Osterloh confirmed during a quick chat with the crew of AndroidPit that the Pixel 2 will stay in the premium realm of smartphones. Osterloh said, "Pixel stays premium." Meaning, the stingy top-tier price range that consumers see on the Galaxy S and iPhone, the Pixel 2 will be no different as well.

Reading Along The Lines Of Rick Osterloh

Delving deeper regarding as to what Osterloh said about the Pixel staying premium, two questions can be formulated. One is: Does this mean that there is no possibility that there will be a midrange Pixel phone in the future? And the other: Does this only apply to the Pixel 2?

Meanwhile, there are rumors suggesting that there could be a budget Pixel smartphone coming alongside the Pixel 2. Apparently, it is called the Pixel 2B and would cost less than $650 with the compromise of less powerful hardware. The device itself is said to be intended to be released in "different markets."

The Pixel 2 Is Coming This Year

As for the launch date of the Pixel 2, Osterloh mentioned that there is an "annual rhythm" to the smartphone industry and consumers, as well as tech enthusiasts alike, can expect that Google will follow it. Given that both the Pixel and Pixel XL were announced last October and were also released in the same month, this could possibly hint that the Pixel 2 may come this October.

But of course, without any specific date given by the company, the possibility that the Pixel 2 might not come this October and may be released on a different month should also be taken into consideration. The only solid lead regarding the said device's release as of now is that Google will be following an "annual rhythm."

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