Clash Royale Tips And Tricks: Eight Reasons Why It Is Best To Use Mirror Card

Clash Royale has already 70 cards that players can add to their deck. Still, Supercell wants the players to have more new cards if it can release them almost every month. However, there is one card that players must use and that is the Mirror card.

First reason why Mirror card is the best in Clash Royale is that the players can use it as a surprise attack in matches. Nobody expects that their opponent will use it because others perceive the card as a useless form of attack.

Since the cards that the players will use in the game are limited, the Mirror card will help the players release another attack. If the players are using Hog Rider to destroy a tower, then the card will release another rider to follow-up the attack.

The players are familiar with how long a card can be deployed again in Clash Royale. With the help of Mirror card, the card that will be used will still be available even if it is being used. It means that the players will not run out of ideas and strategies to emerge victorious.

In addition, if the players are having a hard time defending themselves in Clash Royale, then they need to put in their deck the Mirror card. The reason is that the players can release another set of Arrows to help them take down minions or skeleton army in the game.

According to Metro, if the players are fond of using Zap to defend themselves in Clash Royale, then they have to use Mirror card to double the attack. The former is best used against Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrels and Minion Horde.

Next, the Mirror cars can also give other cards in the players' deck more boost. In Clash Royale, the card does not depend on others to increase the capacity of a certain card. Any epic card automatically becomes level six, rare card is upgraded to level nine and common card becomes level 11.

With the help of Mirror card, players can form different combinations in their deck. Usually, players can create 16 combos in their deck but with the help of the card, players can have an additional two slots whenever they play Clash Royale. That means players can add the rumored cards said to be arriving this month.

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