‘Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Goku Masters Kaio-Ken; Battle Royale Commences

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” featured the much-awaited match between Goku and Bergamo. As the two fight for survival, another plot twist was revealed. It turns out that the dreaded Tournament of Power is no ordinary fighting competition.

Goku Unleashes Kaio-Ken Against Bergamo

The recent episode of "Dragon Ball Super" started off with Bergamo introducing himself as the oldest of the Trio, the Dangers brothers. Aside from being the oldest, he is also the strongest that can easily defeat Goku in his normal state. Bergamo the Crusher has the ability to unleash powerful concentrated attacks and grow in size. The fight between and Bergamo and Goku was great, showcasing that they both were formidable opponents.

But because they cannot hold back, Goku unleashed Kaoi-Ken in his blue Super Saiyan form, which signified that he has finally completely mastered the technique, controlling it without having to put a devastating toll on his body. Goku defeated Bergamo with the help of Kaio-Ken and because of his win, the universes are still in danger of being annihilated since the condition was if Bergamo won, none of the universes will be erased. Goku's display of Kaio-Ken revealed why Universe 7's mortal level was powerful enough because Kaoi-Ken is a heavenly martial arts technique.

Tournament of Power Is Actually A Battle Royale

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” Universe Survival Arc revealed another plot twist that has heightened the tension between the universes. Aside from showing how selfish and stupid Goku can get just so he can show off how powerful he is, even provoking the rest to fight, the latest episode explained that the Tournament of Power will be held in the World of Void. In that place, all the fighters will be placed in one match to fight everyone else at the same time.

Within 48 minutes, 80 fighters have to knock each other off the fighting stage without killing their opponents, since this is one of the restrictions in the tournament, which included the use of weapons and flying. The team with most members left will win the tournament and their universe will not be annihilated. With just one match to save their universes, each team has to lean on teamwork, maybe even unite for one cause, or be divided and get erased.

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