‘Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Goku Loses, Toppo Fights Bergamo? Vegeta Recruited For Universe 7 Team

“Dragon Ball Super” left off with the Universe Survival Arc with a huge revelation. All the teams are now fighting to prove their strength and save their own universe. But because it all started with Goku, he might have to sit the fight out if he wants everyone to stay alive.

Goku Loses To Bergamo, Toppo Butts In

The last episode of “Dragon Ball Super” that aired last week revealed that the real truth behind the Zen-Oh Tournament was to flush out the weak universes. The Grand Priest said the idea came from Goku himself and this posed a problem. The latest match is between Goku and Bergamo The Crusher.

After two matches, Universe 7 leads with one win while Universe 9 is left with a draw during the second match. With both teams ranked at the bottom as the weakest mortal power, Trio the Danger has to make sure they win this round so nobody gets annihilated. This is the most reasonable turnout but things might get out of hand especially with Bergamo, who oozes with killing instinct.

If that happens, Toppo the righteous warrior will have to step in to keep them at bay. He might even be the one to put sense into Goku to lose the Zen Exhibition Match so nobody gets erased. Toppo, who is cloaked in mystery, poses to be a formidable character and he will be introduced in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 82, which airs on March 19.

Goku Recruits Representatives For Universe 7's Team

Eventually, Goku will have to recruit team members to represent Universe 7 at the up and coming Tournament of Power. Since the series has already revealed the main characters who will be coming out during the Universe Survival Arc, this will probably be the time when fans see the appearances of Vegeta and even the Androids. The Tournament of Power, which was revealed in last week’s episode, will be the tournament that will gauge each universe’s mortal strength and the fate of their respective universe.

In order to avoid getting obliterated, the team representatives have to make sure that they won’t be in the bottom ranks. The tournament, as well as the real truth behind it, clearly made things more difficult for Goku and his team. But with “Dragon Ball Super”, even the Universe Survival Arc remains unpredictable.

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