Clash Royale News And Update: Leaked March 24 Update Reveals Surprising New Features

Despite being Clash Royale's anniversary month, it appears that the March update has been delayed for quite a while. At first, Supercell has hinted that the biggest update will drop on March 2, the day when the game was launched globally but instead, new leaks have revealed that the most awaited update was pushed back into a much later date. However, there's still good news as the upcoming contents will bring a lot of surprising new features!

Clash Royale: Leaked March 24 Update

An alleged March update was leaked by a Chinese website earlier today. The full, translated version of the leak can be found in this thread from the Clash Royale subreddit. Based on the said leak, the next update is definitely one of the biggest changes in the game as it contains balance changes, game and arena adjustments, new special events, new cards and new packs. Here's the highlight of the leaks:

Balance Update

As reported in the past, all the balance changes on the Executioner are applied, including the removal of the mini-stun mechanic. One of the troops that are getting a significant buff is the Inferno Dragon, which now has a 4.5 tile range and increased re-target speed by 0.3 seconds. The Battle Ram also gets a considerable buff. Check out the thread above for the complete Balance Changes.

Arena Adjustments

The game will now remove Legend Trophies. Every 20 Legendary trophy will convert to 1 gem. The new League mechanism can be found below.

League Mechanism

According to a separate thread, players in the Legendary arena will be split into leagues of 20,000 every two weeks for the duration of one week. Placement is based on the trophy range. The top 1,000 receive hefty prize. Here's the League Incentive Mechanism:

No. 1: 4000 ~ 5000 gems, 80000 ~ 120000 gold coins, 3250 cards.

No. 2: 3500 ~ 4500 gems, 70000 ~ 110000 gold coins, 3000 cards.

No. 3: 3000 ~ 4000 gems, 65000 ~ 105000 gold coins, 2750 cards.

4 ~ 10: 2500 ~ 3-5 gem, 60000 ~ 100000 gold coins, 2500 cards.

11 ~ 50: 2000 ~ 3000 gems, 55000 ~ 95000 gold coins, 2250 cards.

51 to 100: 1500 ~ 2500 gems, 50000 ~ 90000 gold coins, 2000 cards.

101 ~ 200: 500 ~ 800 gem, 45000 ~ 85000 gold coins, 1750 cards.

201 ~ 400: 400 ~ 500 gems, 40000 ~ 80000 gold coins, 1500 cards.

401 to 1000: 200 gem ~ 400 gem, 30000 gold coins ~ 50000 gold coins, 1000 cards.

New Special Events

Three Bridge Challenges. This new challenge brings exciting new twist for all players as Supercell introduces a new bridge right at the center; directly in front of the King's Tower! The Three Bridge Challenge will be released on March 17.

Team Challenge. This event will commence on March 31. Teammates will have to work side-by-side against a team of enemies. However, there are not many details regarding the mechanics of this challenge.

New Cards

Goblin Ninja





Hit Speed

Stealth Time






2 sec

0.7 sec


Jungle Berries - no stats were given. According to the description, this card will make enemies confuse and attack in the wrong direction; retreat.

Goblin Elder





Hit Speed


Movement Speed


Deploy Time






1 sec

Air & Ground


4.5 tiles

1 sec


Goblin Chalets - the description was vague and so, it's hard to make a definitive description about this new troop.

That's it for today! Check back for more Clash Royale News and Updates!

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