'Prison Break' Season 5 Named; New Season After 'Resurrection' Teased By Writers

"Prison Break" season 5 is about to kick off in less than a month and Fox has given a worthy title for the series revival. The network titled the new "Prison Break" season as "Resurrection" which connects to the shocking news about Michael Scofield's existence. Despite the short series prepared by Fox, "Prison Break" writers gave fans something to hope for as the possibility of new episodes or season is reportedly high.

Fox has recently treated the fans of the incredible brothers, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, as "Prison Break" season 5 has been awarded its official installment title. The reboot will come by the name "Resurrection" which will show how Michael comes back from his supposed death. It can be recalled that season 4 ended tragically for Michael, Lincoln and Sara Tancredi when the brain of the group seemed to meet his demise. Apparently, season 5 brings Michael back and he is stuck in a prison in Yemen.

Countless clues on what to expect from "Prison Break: Resurrection" surfaced online, and fans now know that there have been changes to Michael who now goes by the name Kaniel Outis. The hero of the show has apparently been working with a syndicate, and now he has to escape prison and go against this dangerous group to go back to his country.

Spoilers say that his new tattoos that were teased on season promos signify the change in his character and the new deadly skills he now possesses. His mysterious past will also be tackled in the earlier parts to walk the fans through his life after he was deemed dead. There is also a report saying that Michael decided to throw away his old life without his loved ones, hence making the possibility of a reunion with his wife and son quite blurry.

The synopsis of "Prison Break" season 5 reveals that the installment will catch up with Sara and Lincoln who went on with their lives after they assumed that Michael is already dead. Seven years after the tragedy, T-Bag comes back to deliver a news to Lincoln that Michael is still alive but is kept behind the bars of Ogygia. With the help of Sucre and C-Note, Lincoln will save his brother and go against the ISIS to escape from Yemen.

With the thrilling overview of the miniseries, fans are already excited to see the nine new episodes, but also hope to witness more of the characters. Such requests were brought by viewers to Twitter to get confirmations from the writers of the show about the future of "Prison Break." For the first time, writers of the crime flick dropped hints at the possibility of episodes beyond season 5.

As was already revealed, though, the new season of "Prison break" greatly relies on the ratings of "Resurrection." As of now, the show has not yet gotten the green light for another installment, but the team is very optimistic that "Prison Break" will again hit records like it did when it aired its first four seasons. "Prison Break" season 5 will premiere on April 4 on Fox.

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