For Honor Guide To Countering Berserker Efficiently

Although Ubisoft's latest title For Honor doesn't offer a great number of characters, one can't deny that the excitement it offers is on top. It's still regarded as one of the most popular video games of recent memory. In this game, the Berserker is the trickiest character of all, so to speak. For anyone who doesn't have in-depth knowledge in countering this guy, the challenge is definitely a colossal. So yes, it's beneficial to know a thing or two when fighting this character.

According to PVPLive, countering the Berserker in For Honor is synonymous to being tricky. Why? That's because the attacks he offers come in quick, giving players a hard time to even dodge or something. However, the best way to do it is still by dodging all incoming attacks. Or, as much as possibly, try to parry the chain.

It's true that blocking any incoming attacks can be helpful. Or, at least, it can hold a good strategy at the beginning. Unfortunately, when fighting the aforementioned character, this isn't something that players would want to do from time to time. So what could be the very first step? Well, as mentioned, dodging is key. It plays a very huge role in countering. First off, it's less passive when compared to blocking. The ideal move here is to be wary of the animation. That when it happens, try to move left, right or backwards so as to veer away from the Infinite Chain.

Next on the list of countering the Berserker in For Honor is Parrying. It's worth noting that most Berserkers in the game aren't fond of adapting the said chain. They instead continue to attack on the same direction over and over again. Apparently, this is a good scenario to have. This basically allows players to acquire a huge opening to parry. But hey, timing here is of great importance. That's because when the first hit is missed, there's a huge chance of being hit -- like a couple of times.

In related For Honor news, two of the upcoming heroes are said to have been leaked. These are no other than the Ninja and the Centurion, as reported by PCGamesN. While there's yet to be a confirmation of sort, the new characters are believed to arrive to the game's season pass first.

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