Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Guide To Finding Memories For The Locked Memories Quest

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is fast becoming one of the most dominant games that Nintendo has released. With the game being released on the highly sought after Nintendo Switch, players and fans are able to experience a different gameplay that developers where hoping to show off. Going into detail, the article will be guiding players to locate the memories of Link in the quest, Locked Memories.

Waking The Memories

According to VG247, once the player has all the basic runes restored in their Shiekah Slate and visits Impa in Kakariko Village, she will give the player a task that will also trigger a main quest. In this quest, the player is tasked to locate all of the places that was visited by Link from the past in order to awaken his memories from a century ago.

Impa will then unlock 12 photos in the player's Shiekah Slate, and each photo points towards a different part of the world. When the player visits any of these places, it will trigger Link's memories and show a major event from a century ago. Each time this does happen the player would be getting information relative to the game. However, there are other memories that would be unlocked as the player goes through the main storyline, specifically; these are memories 2, 4, 6 and 10.

The Hunt Begins

RPG Site listed down exactly where these memories can be found. Although the player can go to these locations, it is important to take note that there are some areas where enemies are present so the player needs to be alert.

The first photo (memory 1) Subdued Ceremony can be found right in front of the Hyrule Castle. Specifically, on the map, in front of the castle, there is a semi-circle area called the Sacred Ground Ruins and this is where the memory could be obtained. However, players need to be aware as there are Guardians roaming around the area.

The second photo (memory 3) can be found north of the Oman Au Shrine where players need to find Lake Kolomo. Once the player reaches the Oman Au Shrine, all they need to do is to head north until they can see a body of water. Once at Lake Kolomo players need to find the area that overlooks the lake and where the Dueling Peeks can be seen at the same time.

The third photo (memory 5) can be found just south of the Piper Ridge in an area called Ancient Columns. Another way to find the area is to teleport to Tabantha Tower then look south on the map, before Tanagar Canyon, players will find the Rayne Highlands and on the eastern end of this mountain is the Ancient Columns. In the Ancient Columns, players would find the Challenging Tena Ko'sah Shrine, and in front of it, players could obtain the memory.

The fourth photo (memory 7) can be found at the Kara Kara Bazaar. On the map, players need to find the Gerudo Desert and then look for Gerudo Town and the Gerudo Desert Gateway. The bazaar is in the middle of these two locations. Due to the heat of the area, it may sometimes be difficult to see the memory. However, it can be seen on the right side of the bazaar when the player looks from the main shop.

The fifth photo (memory 8) can be found at the Eldin Canyon. To make things easier, players could start at the Woodland Tower and then head east, and then climbing the mountain while using the photo as a guide to determine the exact area. However, players would eventually find an area where they would see a bunch of rocks in a ceremonial position; this is where the memory is located. However, players need to be alert as there are many enemies nearby.

The sixth photo (memory 9) can be found on Irch Plain. Specifically, it can be found on the northwestern edges of the map, just beyond the Hyrule Castle's moat, near Monya Toma Shrine and some smaller bodies of water.

The seventh photo (memory 11) can be found on an area overlooking the iconic Bridge of Hylia. It's on a hill in between Scout's Hill and Deya Lake. On the map, it is called the Hills of Baumer. In this area, the memory can be found in the shadow of a tree.

The eighth photo (memory 12) can be found at the Hyrule Castle. Players need to be aware of the Guardians in the area so they need to sneak their way through, onto the left wing of the castle. Once at the left wing, players need to locate a bridge connecting Princess Zelda's Room and another Tower. It is at the middle of this bridge that the memory could be found.

The ninth photo (memory 13) can be found at the Spring of Power in the Akkala region. To get there, players need to look for the North Akkala Foothill where they would see the East Akkala Stable and the Katosa Aug Shrine. From there, players need to go west and look for a hole in the ground that's leading to the Ordorac Quarry. Just next to the quarry is the Spring of Power, where the memory can be found.

The tenth photo (memory 14) can be found in the Safula Hill area just west of Central Hyrule and east of the Satori Mountain. In the area, the player can find a place that is shaped like a horseshoe that's called Sanidin Park. Inside, players would find a statue of a horse, the memory is there.

The eleventh photo (memory 15) can be found near Mount Lanayru. To the west of the mountain is Naydra Snowfield, which leads past Purifier Lake and into Lanayru Promenade. It is in the path between the East Gate and Lanayru road that the player would find the memory.

The twelfth photo (memory 16) can be found in a forest area east of the Hyrule Field. Specifically, looking at the east of Hyrule Field, players would find the Bottomless Swamp and just above it is a forest area that runs parallel to the Hylia River. It is in this forested area that players would find the memory.

Once the player recovers every single memory, they would need to return to Impa. She would go on to show the player one final photo that would show an important memory. This can be then found near Kakariko, but it is closer to the Ha Dahamar Shrine and the Duelling Peaks Stable. Just east of these two locations is Ash Swamp and that is where the memory can be found.

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