Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Guide For The Oman Au Shrine

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is sure to cause some waves as players would eventually find out the greatness of the game's graphics and interesting storyline. However, with the legacy of the Legend of Zelda franchise, it is safe to assume that players will be bound to encounter frustrating stages in the game, where they get stuck due to difficult puzzles and tricks. So sometimes, a little bit of help would go a long way for players who are having difficulties.

The Oman Au Shrine

According to USGamer, the Oman Au Shrine is the very first shrine that the player would encounter in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and that the location of the shrine would be pointed out by an old man. Furthermore, players wouldn't have much of a hard time looking for the shrine as not only would the old man point it out, but it is also glowing, so it's very hard not to see it.

The Oman Au Shrine is the place where players would get the Magnesis Rune which would give them the ability to lift or move any metal object. Accordingly, this rune is important to the player as they will encounter other places where the manipulation of metal objects would be necessary.

The Oman Au Shrine Puzzle

In an article by Shack News, to enter the shrine, players would need to examine the terminal with the use of the Sheikah Slate, then activate the lift to get inside. Now, when players are inside the shrine, they would need to approach the Guidance Stone at the left, and put the Sheikah Stone into it. This move would give the player the Magnesis Rune.

Once the rune has been obtained, players need to find the large metal slab on the floor, and use the rune to move it to the side. This would reveal a passage that would allow the players to move on to the next area. On the next room, players would see a metal block tucked in along a wall made of stone blocks, with the use of the rune, players need to control the metal block to push the stone blocks that are obstructing the way to the next area.

Once clear of the stone wall, players may encounter a mechanical spider, if so, players should use range attacks to eliminate it because it shoots out energy blasts. Once dispatched, players need to cross over a metal slab and use the rune to move it and make it into a bridge to get to the next area. Next thing the players will see are two large metal doors where they would need to use the rune again to open them. Inside the room, players will see a metallic chest, and when opened, they would obtain the Spirit Orb. Obtaining the orb completes the Oman Au Shrine Puzzle.

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