Nintendo Switch Torture Test Shows Console's Plastic Make And Durable Body

The Nintendo Switch is finally out. With its release comes all the product reviews that interested buyers have been waiting for. Aside from the gaming experience, there are a few more things that console buyers have to take note before buying the Switch. For instance, it's also important to find out whether this console is durable enough for everyday use or not.

Nintendo Switch Gets Tortured

This is where popular torture-tester JerryRigEverything from YouTube comes to the picture. This guy has been famous for its gadget torture tests that reveal the materials used in different devices including smartphones and consoles. His latest gadget in focus is the Nintendo Switch. As per the torture test, the new Nintendo console is physically made of plastic but has overall durability.

Nintendo Switch Screen Scratch Test

Most smartphones get their screens scratched at a level-6 sharpness. The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, was scratched at a level-3, revealing its plastic display exterior. Nevertheless, this is still understandable. Unlike smartphones, consoles aren't usually placed in pockets for long periods of time. This means that the device isn't as exposed to scratch-causing materials that phones are usually subjected to. Additionally, plastic screens are also hard to break. A different YouTuber did a Nintendo Switch drop test and it proved that dropping the console multiple times won't render it useless.  

Nintendo Switch Body

Unsurprisingly, the Nintendo Switch is mostly made out of plastic, but the console doesn't seem flimsy nonetheless. When its buttons underwent a scratch test, they have proven to be durable and well tucked into place. Even the letters on the four buttons are impossible to get rid of. Apparently, these letters aren't just printed or drawn over the buttons. They are actually part of the buttons. So even if they are scratched up to the bottom, the letters are still there.

Nintendo Switch Burn Test

When the console's display was put into a flame test, it took a long time before the plastic reached its melting point. However, since the plastic screen isn't fused with the actual display inside the Switch, the melted plastic did not damage the console's display. The exterior screen and the actual display are two separate elements, as proven by the iFixit team's teardown experiment. This means that the Switch is easily repairable.

Nintendo Switch Bend Test

Overall, the Nintendo Switch is a durable gaming console. The torture test showed that folding the console's body won't show any sign of breakage. However, bending the joystick on the sides may result in damage since these parts are detachable, but it will take so much effort to successfully break the parts. With that said, it's safe to say that the Nintendo Switch has been made to survive the usual misuse that gadgets experience.

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