‘Once Upon A Time' Season 6 Spoilers: The Legend Of Robin Hood Continues

"Once Upon A Time" just proved last week that they are back and they are not going anywhere. The second half of their season started with a bang and the resurgence of Robin Hood.

The original Robin Hood died last season and fans were not happy with the result. This is the very reason why their numbers suddenly dropped but were able to pull it up with the last 3 episodes. Among the characters who were hurt with Robin's untimely death, Regina Mills is the one who suffered the most. Their relationship is fully documented and ever since the tragedy happened, Regina was out of her mind.

Robin Hood Is Back

However, in a stunning turn of events, Robin was resurrected. Regina is hoping that the old Robin is back but it didn’t happen. Apparently, when Robin Hood was brought to life, there were changes in the beloved hero's character. The new Robin has an attitude that Regina doesn’t like. From a caring and lovable person to a self-centered and stubborn man. Currently, Regina is finding a way to help Robin Hood get back on track.

Regina’s Obsession With Robin Hood

Regina Mills also brought the new Robin Hood to Storybrooke for two reasons. First, Regina Mills have been longing for a happy ending ever since the original Robin Hood died. Second, to show Robin Hood how beautiful life is in the storied town of Storybrooke. The new Robin Hood is very hesitant for any assistance including Regina’s but as the story unfolds, these two characters will soon get along again.

On the other hand, “Once Upon A Time” was able to showcase a different dimension of their show. Providing a clash between the two lovers and not providing the fans a “romantic” angle might be the greatest thing the producers was able to do.

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