‘The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoiler: Rick's Team Is Ready To Move , Rosita's Decision Will Cost Her Life

Rick and his team might be moving forward right now. However, an unlikely move by one of their ally will break the team. Rosita, who is known for making impulsive decisions, will put her team's lives in danger, again.

One of the most anticipated TV series right now is almost finished with their season. As reported, this season will indicate on whether or not "The Walking Dead" will live another season or the series will be pulled out. So far, the producers and directors of the show were able to find a way to bring back the interest of the old fans. The numbers speak for itself as they were able to increase their ratings for the past two episodes.

Rick And His Team Is Making A Move

Rick and his team are in the perfect position to dethrone Negan. However, there are still some things that need to be done prior to attacking the notorious villain. Also, Daryl Dixon must leave the team momentarily to find “himself”. There’s a lot of snapshots and clips right now showing Daryl saying his goodbyes to Carol. There’s also a plot that is being created right now about their overdue relationship. Nevertheless, it will happen but there is still no scoop on when it will actually take place.

Rosita And Sasha’s Suicide Mission

Rosita has been convincing multiple allies to assist her in killing Negan. Rosita's personal disgust and hatred to Negan are far greater than the likes of Rick and Daryl. The only problem is when Rosita tends to make a decision, others get killed in the crossfire. Remember Spencer and Olivia? That’s right, both characters died because of Rosita. Unfortunately, Rosita was able to convince Sasha. Both of them are still in emotional turmoil and right now entering the sanctuary should not be their priority.

But, as their fate dictates, there could only be two things that are going to happen if they try to get in the sanctuary. Either Rosita will be killed and Sasha will be held hostage or Negan would eventually kill them both and deliver their dead body to Rick.

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