‘Orange Is The New Black' Update: Author Piper Kerman Sheds Some Light About The Series, Samira Wiley Enjoys The Party

Approximately three more months and fans will surely enjoy the return of “Orange Is The New Black”. The casts of the show are actively promoting their new season and the author, Piper Kerman explained what the series is all about.

The Cast And Crews Chemistry

Netflix has aired a lot of streaming shows over the years but “Orange Is The New Black” is their baby. The series which was doubted from the very beginning is ready with their Season 5. According to one of the respected web magazines, “Orange Is The New Black” has raised the level of TV programming. The epic series shows different sides of the story like any other series. However, what stands out with OITNB is their chemistry. On and off the camera they are tight like a family. Although there were issues about their paycheck, they don’t go out there and throw dirt to their co-stars.

The Author

Piper Kerman is the author who is responsible for bringing “Orange Is The New Black” to life. Piper might shy away with the recognition that she is getting, but she truly deserves the credit. Currently, the author is busy shedding some light with regards to her work. Piper also stated that her motivation in creating the “novel” is to show a different side of the norm. In a lengthy interview, Piper was asked numerous questions from the host and fans alike. Piper is very happy with the success of her masterpiece but guaranteed that this will not be the last.

Poussey Washington

On the other hand, Samira Wiley, also known as Poussey Washington, is keeping the party alive. One of the most iconic characters on the show held a bachelorette party and it was pure epic. Her co-stars from “Orange Is The New Black” showed their support to their former co-star and according to reports, they brought the house down in Miami.

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