Overwatch Update: Orisa Official Release Possibly On March 21

Just recently, Blizzard has unveiled the next hero coming to Overwatch. Well, it's no other than the Orisa - the newest tank character to grace the hit shooter game. However, the main question is when she will officially arrive to the game. If the studio indeed follows the same pattern once again, it's safe to say this hero will be unleashed next week. Or is it?

Before Ana arrived to the game, she first appeared on the Public Test Realm (PTR) dating July 12. She spent a week before the studio decided to bring her to the live servers, particularly on July 19. Following her is the hacker genius Sombra, who arrived to the PTR back on Nov. 7. Interestingly, she also spent just a week in the test server before she was officially out to the game on Nov. 15.

Based on the aforementioned pattern, one can simply ferret out that Blizzard might bring Orisa to Overwatch using the same timeline. She arrived to the PTR on March 7, and if there's any indication, March 14 could possibly be its official release date, as reported by Mic. However, this could be possibly changed due to the fact that the studio is doing a couple of changes to the hero.

If, and only if, Orisa won't come out on the said date, it's likely for the video game company to work on another week. So, in one way or another, players can expect the new tank hero's arrival sometime in week following next week. This could very likely be on March 21.

As announced in the official Twitter account of Overwatch, Blizzard wants to give the said character a "longer incubation time." This will be done on, of course, the PTR. It's worth noting that this is something that the studio will do for the first time. It's safe to bet that the third week of this month could possibly be the timeline when Orisa gets to arrive.

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