Why Niantic Must Release The Legendary Pokemon GO Monsters As Soon As Possible

When Pokemon GO was first launched, it quickly acquired a huge following. And as each day went by, its player base grew greatly. Almost everyone in the world downloaded the augmented reality game on Google's App Store and Apple Store. However, in the following months after, it experienced a great drought. Players doubted its potential, as developer Niantic wasn't generous enough in releasing substantial updates. And now, the biggest question is: when will the studio unleash the highly anticipated Legendary Pokemon?

According to Forbes, the studio somehow did a wrong decision in releasing Gen 2 prior to the Legendary creatures. That perhaps, the video game company could have at least unleashed these creatures way before -- particularly on the existence of the first generation pocket monsters. Alas, the second gen came and until now, these special Pokemon are yet to be found.

The publication, however, suggests that there's a definite reason for Niantic to go over with such process in Pokemon GO. First off, Gen 2 doesn't necessarily need significant changes and/or tweaks in terms of implementations. Sure, there were a bit of alterations; however, that's basically it. Legendaries, on the other hand, are a tad different. One is the fact that their introduction should somehow be special. After all, they're the rarest of all creatures in the game. Second and more importantly, they'll be requiring a good amount of work from the part of the developers.

Regardless, the company has no other choice but to release them. They've long been anticipated in the game. Heck, this could even be dated back to the game's prime. Let alone the fact that other Pokemon games (e.g. Pokemon Sun and Moon) have quickly adapt the introduction of these beasts. Simply put, players have been asking for it. They deserve the thrill to experience the feeling of catching these creatures.

As of this writing, the release of the Legendary Pokemon GO species remain a mystery. In a report from TechnoBuffalo, the studio, nonetheless, has confirmed its plans to release it into the wild within the year. The only catch? Well, they can't offer an exact release date or, at least, a possible period.

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