Clash Royale March Update Likely To Have Been Postponed

It seems Supercell's Clash Royale mobile game is following the same footsteps that Clash of Clans did. Well, this is, of course, in terms of receiving the highly anticipated update for this month of March. Heck, even up to this writing, its official release date has remained a mystery. Fans are already having doubts if it will ever be released.

According to IBTimes, the March update of the titular mobile game didn't appear. It's supposedly meant to be released on March 2, but it seems the studio didn't resort to doing so. In fact, there was no shadow of any announcement or even an event (for compensation). The month went on, contrary to what most players expected.

Apparently though, a notice was sent to all the players of Clash Royale later on. It was simply a notification for an upcoming special event, which was slated to arrive a couple of hours following its announcement. Add to this a leak of a new feature called Team Battle, which is deemed to arrive anytime soon.

Indeed, a quick update came to the game, introducing the so-called special event. All in all, there are two of these. First one being the Classic Draft Challenge and the second one being the Grand Draft Challenge. The latter is all about asking a total of 100 gems for players to join. The former, on the other hand, will follow the usual process of requiring at least 10 gems.

As for the Team Battle feature in Clash Royale, it was leaked via a photo on the game's official forum site. It specifically came from one of the game's developers named Lach. The only catch is that no specific data or whatsoever can be ferreted from it. But of course, this could be a plan to have players something to look forward to in the next few days to come.

It's possible that Supercell intentionally postponed the big March update for Clash Royale. This could probably be due to some features that they're currently working on. And that, in one way or another, they want to drop them within the month. If anything else, these are still something worth looking out for.

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