Pokemon GO Guide: How To Beat Blissey

Since Poke-battles are allowed in Pokemon GO, players are determined to fight even some of the strongest Pokemon. However, some of the players are having a hard time defeating Blissey in the game. Fortunately, there are some tips how they can emerge victoriously.

Attacking Blissey In Pokemon GO

The arrival of Gen 2 Pokemon caused a mass hysteria in Pokemon GO. The reason is that they are having a hard time finishing Blissey. Actually, the monster is not impossible to be defeated because all that is need is to have the right monster to win.

According to Slash Gear, to attack Blissey, they must have a Fighting-type Pokemon such as Rock or Steel types. Since the former has high HP, it will take some time before they are sure that they have successfully defeated it.

If they wish to defeat Blissey, they must be reckless. Since he has a high HP, any Pokemon that faces him might ran out of HP because it cannot last long in the battles. The players must attack simultaneously but make sure they can defend themselves.

Different Pokemon Is Needed

It is needed in Pokemon GO to have varieties of Pokemon that players can choose in battles. However, since Blissey is one of the strongest, they need to have at least Machamp and Heracross, as per WWG. Also, Steelix can help them win.

Skamory is a strong Pokemon but in Pokemon GO, it is one of the hardest monster that can be found in different PokeStops. In addition, players should know how to control their monster because endless combos and counters are needed to survive Blissey's capabilites.

Of course, it will always depend on the players on how will they strategize in attacking and defeating Blissey in Pokemon GO. It is very important that they know the weaknesses of their chosen Pokemon to avoid any problems from the tough to beat the monster.

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