Pokemon GO News: Use Pokemon GO Plus To Capture Gen 2 Pokemon

Players are wondering how they can catch all the 80 Gen 2 Pokemon that was recently released in Pokemon GO by Niantic as they seem to be having a hard time locating one. Fortunately, there is a gadget that can help them and that is Pokemon GO Plus.

Benefits Of Having Pokemon GO Plus

When Niantic released its first ever device for Pokemon GO, players are commenting that the bracelet is very helpful. The reason is that the device lets them catch the Pokemon even if they do not turn on their phone all the time.

The Pokemon GO Plus bracelet will do the capturing of Pokemon for them. Whenever a monster is nearby, the bracelet will light up and vibrate at the same time. They can press the button at the middle to throw the Pokeball and they will know if the device successfully captured it.

According to BGR, the Pokemon GO Plus will keep on controlling the app even if the players are not looking at their phones. They will love that because they do not want their phones' batteries to decrease immediately.

The Pokemon GO Plus will notify them if they are within the range of a Pokestop. The bracelet will blink and vibrate once they are in the location. In addition, the players can also press the button at the middle to search for any items and will be automatically added in their inventory.

GPS Spoofing In Pokemon GO

As per Mic, the players are still trying GPS-spoofing apps that can be downloaded in the Google Play Store. However, Niantic seem to disregard that the players are using the cheat in order to locate where the Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO are.

Some players who do not use the app are starting to ask what Niantic will do about the spoofing. They do not want cheaters to hack the gyms in Pokemon GO because they are dedicated in reaching higher levels and capturing Pokemon.

With the help of Pokemon GO Plus, players can easily capture the newly released Gen 2 Pokemon without any hassle. However, players need to make sure that there are no hackers around the area because their efforts might be for nothing.

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