The Sonos Playbase Is Ideal For Small Entertainment Spaces

In today's world, it is important for a gadget to do more than just one thing. Take for example Amazon's Echo speaker, which also has its own set of skills beyond playing music. But with the Sonos Playbase, the company is proving that doing one thing well is also worth the effort.

Sonos is not a new player in the speaker industry. Engadget has even noted that the company already has the Playbar in its roster. This device is a wireless three-channel speaker, which is meant to be mounted on a wall below a television set. However, the company recently announced the Playbase, which is an enhanced and more practical version of the Playbar.

The Sonos Playbase is a wide and narrow speaker that is perfect for placing directly on a media stand. The television set can then be placed on top of the same. It can reportedly support TVs up to 60 inches that weigh no more than 35 kilograms. More importantly, however, the speaker has a low-key design that will theoretically help viewers keep their eyes on the screen.

According to its official page, the Sonos Playbase can offer a full-theater sound experience. In addition, it can also stream music directly. The setup is a simple twostep process, wherein one cord is connected to a power supply, while the other is linked to the TV. It took the company some three years to perfect its idea. It is finally satisfied with the Playbase, which is both practical and effective in delivering quality sound.

Sonos has previously confirmed that it will also release a voice-powered speaker much like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, with the Sonos Playbase announcement, it might be that the company will take some time to release a smart version of its products. The Playbase, meanwhile, will be available on April 4 for US$699.

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