Will Google Pixel 2 Ditch The Headphone Jack?

There's a new rumor suggesting that the Google Pixel 2 won't be sporting a headphone jack. With that being said, reports are now also speculating as to why Google could implement this.

About The Rumor

The rumor came from 9to5Google's newly-public Community section, which means that it wasn't published as a news story but more like a comment of some sort. According to the site, they have seen an internal Google document that suggests the Pixel 2 won't be featuring a headphone jack. The information came from a "single source" and has yet to confirm its credibility with a second or multiple sources.

Despite the lack of a secondary source to support the information, 9to5Google gave it a confidence score of 6/10. The reason is because the source documentation appears to be legitimate enough, but also warns that they can't guarantee it will remain reliable.

Google's Reaction

Upon hearing about this, CNET quickly reached out to Google for a comment. In response, a Google spokesperson told the site that the company does not comment on rumors and speculations.

Here's Why Google Would Ditch The Headphone Jack

According to CNET, there are three possible reasons as to why Google would want to ditch the headphone jack. First, waterproofing the Pixel 2 will be easier. Second is that it will have a denser design which will allow the company to give the Pixel 2 possibly a slightly bigger battery or more electronics. The third is that the world is increasingly immersed in wireless technology because the sales of wireless headphones are going nowhere but up. 

Here's Why Google Will Not Ditch The Headphone Jack

On the other hand, it is likely that Google will not remove the headphone jack.  First, there will be no dongles needed. Second reason is that it will distinguish the Pixel from the iPhone, not to mention that some people still prefers a smartphone with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. And lastly, Google isn't in the headphones business and is yet to offer its own brand of headphones.

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