Is Google Working On A Non-Pixel Budget Smartphone?

There is a he said/he said situation between a tipster and Rick Osterloh. It is about the rumor of Google working on a budget phone.

No Pixel 2B In The Future?

According to an article at Phone Arena, a tipster is insisting that Google is working on a budget phone, but may not carry the Pixel name. The rumor started last January, stating that a budget Pixel phone called the Pixel 2B is coming. However, just recently, Google Senior VP of hardware, Rick Osterloh confirmed during a quick chat with Android Pit that the Pixel will stay premium, which means that it will feature the same price range on both the Galaxy S and iPhone.

Google To Revive Android One Phone?

Now, the original tipster is clarifying his original claim. This time, the tipster is claiming that Google is definitely working on a budget phone and the project itself is being handled by the Pixel team, but it won't be having the Pixel name. The tipster then added that it could be a Google-built Android One phone that is intended for emerging markets. In case you're wondering about the leak, the message is posted at 9to5google.

Now, the problem with the leak is that there is not much evidence to support it. The only thing worth pointing out is that it falls perfectly with Osterloh's statement that the Pixel will stay in the premium realm of smartphone. With that being said, one can also argue that the tipster is simply re-aligning his claim because of the recent statement made by Osterloh regarding the Pixel line.

Recent News About The Google Pixel 2

There was more information that Osterloh shared during the quick chat. Osterloh also mentioned about the company following an "annual rhythm" which means that a premium Pixel 2 is definitely coming this year. However, despite Google's annual rhythm and release dates of the Pixel phones back in October, it doesn't guarantee that the Pixel 2 will be released this coming October.

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