Is The Upcoming No Man's Sky Update A Reference To Mass Effect Andromeda?

No Man's Sky is getting another update that will bring in a unique item to the game. Incidentally, is the upcoming patch a reference to the highly-anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda game?

New Patch Brings In A New Vehicle

Since its initial launch, Hello Games has been rather silent regarding upcoming news for their space exploration game. However, GameSpot reported that they have shared some new tidbits of information towards the upcoming patch called the Path Finder update. The prime focus of the update that will be releasing later this week is a new vehicle that will "aid home planet exploration."

Apart from this, the developers have yet to share any other details that will come with the said vehicle. Furthermore, Hello Games has yet to share any pictures or videos relating to the automobile. Fans should expect the full patch notes to arrive come the day of its official release.

The studio claimed that they have been listening closely to the community and were pleasantly surprised to hear the positive feedback from the Foundation update. Moreover, they claimed to be listening to both the positive and negative responses from their fans.

Is No Man's Sky Channeling Mass Effect Andromeda?

On a different note, the patch seems to be releasing quite closely to the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game, as per VG247. Similarly, the said title actually focuses more on space exploration this time around. Not to mention that the Path Finder is actually a title given to those who explore the Andromeda Galaxy.

With this in mind, it seems like Hello Games is trying to make a rather clear reference or homage to the BioWare game. Despite this, neither studios have yet to comment or confirm this as of now. For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding the upcoming No Man's Sky update.

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