Microsoft Surface 5 To Come With Hololens And Surface Dial Support

The Surface Pro 5 is Microsoft's long-awaited 2 in 1 tablet that would follow the success of the Surface Pro 4. While the company has been keeping mum on the matters regarding the Pro 5's release date, reports suggest that it's almost sure that the device will be released this year. Apparently, Microsoft already skipped 2016 in launching the next-gen tablet. This is why many people believe that the company has no reason to push the Pro 5's release even further unless they decide to suspend the series.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 New Rumors

Needless to say, there have already been a bunch of rumors about the Surface Pro 5. Recent reports suggest that the device will support more of Microsoft's new products. This includes the Hololens and the Surface Dial. IB Times said that Hololens was originally reported to not be a part of the Surface Pro 5. However, since Microsoft seems to be rolling out the new technology to more headsets, the Surface Pro 5 is also expected to support Hololens.

Moreover, the Surface Dial is also expected to be compatible with the next-gen Surface Pro tablet. This relatively new Microsoft product was launched in October and has primarily been designed for the Surface Studio. Basically, the Surface Dial is a Bluetooth-enabled accessory that is pretty much like a mouse, only that it has a different set of features. This tool can have custom functionalities depending on the users' needs.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leaks

In the past recent months alone, there have already been various Surface Pro 5 leaks that have surfaced online. This includes the leak from Microsoft's French website which has uploaded a Surface Pro image with the label "Win 10 feature Surface Pro 5". Additionally, as per PC Advisor, a Microsoft employee has also mentioned being a part of the Surface Pro 5 team in the worker's public LinkedIn profile. With those said, rumors are getting stronger that Microsoft will be announcing the Surface Pro 5 in no time, with the soonest rumored date of March 2017.

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