Why The NES Classic Edition Might Do Better Than The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been doing well in the market, but it does have large shoes to fill. In the latter weeks of 2016, the Japanese gaming company hit it big with the NES Classic Edition and it remains to be seen whether or not it will be surpassed. It might just be that the retro console will remain more favored than its futuristic counterpart.

As noted by C|Net, there is a charm about the NES Classic Edition that just cannot be ignored. In fact, it is so strong that even the new Nintendo Switch might not be enough to darken its glory. There are several factors as to why this is so, the most basic of which is pricing.

The NES Classic Edition is a retro game console that costs some US$60. And while the gameplay was initially limited to the built-in titles that Nintendo included, this has since been fixed by some resourceful hackers. Even without this hacking, though, the game roster is still a pretty notable one. Purchasing the redesigned device allows players to tackle "Final Fantasy," "The Legend Of Zelda," "Pac-Man," "Super Mario Bros." and some other beloved games.

And this is the other thing that truly wins over the public in favor of the NES Classic Edition. Its game roster is unparalleled by any other current-generation console because it includes retro games. And while the quality and experience that these games offer are up for debate, there is no denying that a number of games are still greater than what the Nintendo Switch currently has to offer.

That is not to say that the Switch is not a great device on its own, which has benefits of its own. As reported by NDTV Gadgets, it is a hybrid product that seamlessly morphs from one mode to the other. It also has a sturdy built quality and was released region-free. It is priced somewhere around US$300.

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