Nintendo Switch Has A Secret Message & Browsing Feature

Nintendo released the Switch, its latest gaming console, to the market over the weekend and it is being snatched up at every opportunity. The company has done a commendable job in managing expectations and announcing just what the device can do. Nevertheless, the unit does have some secrets that users may not have found out yet.

A Secret Message On The Pro Controller

According to Kotaku, the Pro Controller, which is purchased separately from the console, has a secret message underneath its translucent body. Directly above the right stick is a message for all gamers. "thnx2 allgamefans!" it says. It is a little hard to spot at first, but the message is a sweet attention to detail from Nintendo.

Flashing a light on the controller helps a little, as does tilting it the side. However, owners can opt to move the right stick a little downwards to look directly at the ring surrounding it. The addition does not precisely change the gaming experience, but Nintendo clearly puts some thought into the finer details of the Switch.

A Secret Browsing Feature

That is not the only secret with the Nintendo Switch, as The Verge has noted. In addition to the console itself, the company has already released its very first patch, which ushered in the return of a variant of the Friend Code System. More importantly, however, the update provided a way for players to connect to public hotspots.

Having a browsing feature directly goes against Nintendo's earlier statements that confirmed there would be none. So as the publication noted, the company fixed this idea by providing the feature but limiting it at the same time. Users can only browse at very limited situations.

The browser only really allows players to log into their accounts via public hotspots. Logging into space will open the standard web page that one would see when using their laptop or phone. After which, the page can be navigated via the touchscreen. Nevertheless, users cannot readily launch the browser from the main menu nor manually enter URLs.

But as the publication has confirmed, there are some ways around this. Sneaking into Facebook is possible by heading to the User Settings and linking one's social profile and then clicking the link on the page. This will provide users to use all of Facebook's features, including watching videos. It does not work as well as using a smartphone or standard tablet, but it more or less gets the job done.

Users can also opt to use the Joy-Con controllers of the Nintendo Switch to navigate the page. There is a small dot on the screen that represents the mouse pointer and can be moved with the left joystick. Meanwhile, the right joystick can be used to zoom in and out of the page.

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