Resident Evil 7 Guide: 'Ethan Must Die' Game Mode Tips And Tricks

The Ethan Must Die game mode in Resident Evil 7 is part of the Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC. To beat this part of the game, the player as Ethan needs to defeat Marguerite as the final boss of the game. It's basically akin to a rage quit game where Ethan is expected to die over and over again. Here are some tips and tricks on how to beat Ethan Must Die game mode in Resident Evil 7.

Ethan Must Die Tips And Tricks

In this game mode, Ethan is weaker than usual and in order to beat it, the player needs to reach Marguerite in the greenhouse and kill her. To finish Ethan Must Die in Resident Evil 7, one might need to exercise a bit of caution and planning. The house will be full of booby traps and is teeming with molded. Ethan will start the game with just a knife and will have to obtain better weapons along the way the rarity of which depends on the number of stars on the crate.

Check Crates For Bombs

As Ethan goes through the house, some crates will have bombs in them. Take a moment to lean close to the crate. If the crate ticks, then a bomb is inside.

Don't Go In Guns Blazing

There are a lot of options on how to play Ethan Must Die in Resident Evil 7 but few are those that lead to a perfect victory. It's time to exercise those practiced gamer eyes and look for trip wires - sometimes they are hard to see. If spotted, plan ahead if the trip wire could be use to lure molded into.

Conserve Ammo

It's not hard to find a lot of ammo in the Resident Evil 7 vanilla game, but in Ethan Must Die it's better not to use them against molded unless necessary. Run away from them or lure them to traps instead. Ethan will go down in two or three hits so it's better not to take that chance.

Use The Environment

The house in Ethan Must Die game mode will be full of trip wires, trigger pads and other traps. Since Ethan is weak in this game mode, it's better to avoid confrontation against the molded.

Defeating Marguerite

To defeat Marguerite in Ethan Must Die, the best weapons to use are the grenade launcher and the flamethrower. The area of the boss fight will also have traps so keep an eye out for those. Camp out near one, like the turret on the second floor, to lure Marguerite while shooting her. It's possible to kill Marguerite with a knife in this Resident Evil 7 DLC  since it can do a lot of physical damage, but do this only if The Secret of Defense is in the inventory and the player is skilled at blocking.

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