Pokemon GO Guide: How To Maximize Update 1.27.4

Niantic wants to update Pokemon GO for the benefit of the players. However, the latest patch for the game has caused several issues that lead to their disappointment. However, some players found a way to hack the game with the latest update.

Update 1.27.4 For Pokemon GO Hacks

Since the release of the game's update, players found out that the glitch can help them improve GPS and spoofing in the game. However, there are several steps they have to do in order to use the latest hack for Pokemon GO.

First, they have to delete their old Pokemon GO file before they download two files namely Pokemon GO ++ iOS App Store package and Cydia Impactor. Once, they have them on the computer, they have to connect their phones and open the Impactor.

Then, they can transfer the Pokemon GO ++ to their mobile phones. If the IPA file is successfully installed, players must enter their Apple ID and password. According to Mic, they need to acknowledge the IPA because it will not run if it is not trusted by their phones. They must remember to install the file every week.

What Does Update 1.27.4 Suppose To Do In Pokemon GO?

Despite Niantic's aim in upgrading Pokemon GO for an older model of phones, the recently released patch caused the game to crash. Not only that, the players who use a newer version of mobile phones are also suffering from the same problem.

As per IB Times, whenever the players start to look for gyms and battles in Pokemon GO, the app crashes automatically. The Pokemon GO Plus disconnects, making it hard for them to capture the Pokemon in the game.

Hopefully, Niantic will be able to fix the problem with the recent update for Pokemon GO because not all players are happy with the hack and cheats that are available. They must capture the Pokemon they want without cheating because, where is the fun when they are using shortcuts?

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