Age Of Triumph Is Destiny's Send-Off; Bungie Holds Last Online Event And Gears Up For Destiny 2

The first Destiny game by Bungie is saying goodbye and the company is celebrating it with their last online event. The Age of Triumph is Destiny's next and last event before Bungie is setting their sights on releasing the sequel to this amazing title. Age of Triumph will be reviving all the raids in the game including the all-time favorite Vault of Glass.

Age Of Triumph In Destiny To Bring Raids Back

Bungie will be bringing back all the raids to Destiny when the newest online event Age of Triumph goes live. This has always been the main request of the Destiny community. Apart from being able to experience Vault of Glass, Crota's End, and King's Fall again, the raids will now feature new challenge modes and will start at 390LL.

Upping up the ante for the previous Destiny raid favorites will make them as difficult as the recent raid Wrath of the Machine from the Rise of Iron DLC. There will also be new challenges that Bungie will be adding to the previous raids. New higher level gear will be added to players when they do the raids.

Bungie is also making tweaks about the raids to make them more polished and enjoyable according to senior designer Blackburn. While many Destiny players would love to jump into their favorite raids, the raids will go live one at a time. The first week of Age of Triumph will be Crota's End, the second week is Vault of Glass and the third week will be King's Fall then followed by Wrath of the Machine. Once they go live, they will remain playable anytime and can reward players armor with two slots.

Destiny 2 And The First Game's Legacy

The first Destiny game is not going away but it's true that the game will be overshadowed by Destiny 2 once it is released late this year. For players who plan on buying the sequel, only their Guardian's physical appearance can be carried over- Light level, weapons, and armor (purchased or earned) can't be. Age of Triumph is coming on March 28.

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