Niantic Set To Release Brand New Pokemon GO Device

The titular Pokemon GO Plus device became a thing as the game continues to instill popularity. Not only does it evolve the gameplay, it also puts the experience into a whole new level. This is why the said device easily captured the hearts of many fans. Now, Niantic is looking to make a follow-up to that. How? Well, by way of releasing a brand new device.

According to ValueWalk, the studio has finally shed some light on the highly talked about AR Smart Glasses for the hit mobile game. This time around, it's the company's very own CEO named John Hanke who revealed some hints about the device. He also discussed what it'll bring to the future of the game as well as how it'll change the way people plays the title.

The aforementioned Pokemon GO device is meant to ensure the safety of the players. That it'll keep their heads up while out in the wilds capturing creatures. Heck, it even helps in keeping an eye contact with other people. It's worth noting that since the release of the game, a great number of accidents have already occurred. That's because people pay too much attention on their phones than on the road.

To encounter this situation, the developers have decided to bring in the augmented reality smart glasses. It'll allow players to "see all the cool stuff" around them, as what Hank iterated. In its most organic form, it'll look like an ordinary glasses. The only catch is that it looks a lot more fashionable. The game's CEO suggest that by using these glasses, people will still be able to express their personalities.

As reported by Express, the Pokemon GO players are on the verge of partnering with other companies to bring new sets of dedicated wearable techs. In a sense, these items will make the gameplay experience even more exciting. But of course, the safety of the fans are their main priority. Hence it'll be developed in a very efficient manner.

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