Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Will Come To Nintendo Switch

While the Switch has had quite a successful launch, it seems that Nintendo has bigger plans for it in the future. The said device is reported to support Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon soon.

Back in January, Nintendo mentioned that it is considering support for video-streaming services for a future update of the Switch. Now, in an interview with Washington Post, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo America's chief operating officer said that they have been talking to companies about other services. These companies include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Fils-Aime did not give a specific date as to when these features will arrive but only said that it will come in time.

Though this is indeed good news, this does not mean that Nintendo will not be focusing on the Switch's "gaming experience." In fact, the Nintendo Switch was built to be a world-class gaming device that will first and foremost offer its users to play games on the system and also have an incredible fun experience. The upcoming "other services" will be features that will only make the Nintendo Switch even better.

Comparing The Switch To The 3DS

Washington Post then asked about how people should look at the Switch when comparing it to the 3DS. Fil-Aime said that though the 3DS has more than 1,000 games and its 3D immersive experience doesn't need glasses, the Switch, on the other hand, has a higher demand for the power needed to run the games under its belt. One good example according to Fils-Aime is the Legend of Zelda which needs more computing power and graphics as well.

The Lack Of Games To Choose From

It is no secret that many people who bought the Switch or is interested in it wanted more games to choose from. Fils-Aime pointed out that the number of games available on day one is not important. Instead, Nintendo has deliberately limited it in order to make sure to deliver a steady cadence of great games in addition to strong titles.

Nintendo Switch With Third-Party And Indie Developers

Fils-Aime shared his excitement that companies like Bethesda are bringing content to the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, coming to the Switch's sports content is FiFa and NBA2K from Take Two.

As for its independent developers, Nintendo has made it easy for independent developers to create content for their platform. Fils-Aime even mentioned that one of its independent developers, the Yacht Club Games, the studio that brought out Shovel Knight has been working with them since there was only a total of 6 employees in that group.

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