Here's Why Gen 2 Evolution Items In Pokemon GO Are A Huge Bust

Gen 2 is among the highly anticipated additions every Pokemon GO player has been waiting for. Hence, when it arrived, the game's momentum gradually peaked. With its arrival, it also introduced a brand new set of evolution items. Apparently though, these didn't really become significant. Many players find these items a bust, suggesting that Niantic should've done better.

According to Forbes, the release of the said stuff to Pokemon GO was somehow poorly handled. Its system is a bit disappointing, making it possible for players to once again loose hope. The studio may decide to enhance it in the future; however, today, it's just unfair especially to the community who've waited long enough.

In the game, the evolution items are the only way for players to evolve eight pocket monsters into their new forms. Unfortunately, Niantic gave these a drop rate that's somewhere close to 0.3-0.4 percent. It's safe to say that most players might have not noticed it at first glance. After all, they were so busy with celebrating the arrival of new Pokemon.

The publication insists that the aforementioned items in Pokemon GO are just too rare. That even if players get to visit tons of PokeStops, the chances of acquiring one is close to none. Sure, there are those who might have been lucky in obtaining these items in just a short period of time; however, most, if not all, are just on the other side of the coin. Simply put, people aren't getting the rewards and items promised due to the system's incapability. The studio indeed needs to put some work on it.

There's a theory that the system doesn't really work in an odd way. That instead, just a handful of PokeStops are ready to give out these elusive evolution items. And if players are lucky enough to be near that PokeStops, then it's a happy ending. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to most players -- especially to the one who live in remote areas where PokeStops barely exist.

In related Pokemon GO news, Polygon reports that Niantic has already confirmed the arrival of the Legendary creatures this year. Although no exact date has been provided, they're believed to arrive later this 2017. This is when the likes of Mew and Mewtwo can be expected.

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